You Are The Cosmos Summit

A special gift for the viewers of
"You Are The Cosmos Summit 2024"!

We are delighted that you participated in the summit and wish to learn more about how your eyes can provide insight into your health and consciousness.

MicroPay Wallet (TAPP)

Viewers will be able to set up a Micropay Wallet to use on all TAPP MicroPay-abled sites. The first 1000 viewers to sign up will receive a bonus gift in their TAPP MicroPay Wallet.
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Oculomics & Modern Integrated Natural Medicine

Guide on the field of Oculomics and how the new Modern Integrated Natural Medicine can utilize this field to validate its protocols.

Pro-Consciousness Medicine and Quanta Vision

The convergence of Pro-Consciousness Medicine and Vision Quanta's ability to aid a person's perception, intuition, connection and seeing beyond the physical eyes.

Your Eyes : Windows to Consciousness and Health

"My dear Kepler; what do you say of the leading philosophers here, to whom I have offered a thousand times of my own accord to show my studies, but who, with the lazy obstinacy of a serpent who has eaten his fill, have never consented to look at the planets or moon, or telescope? Verily, just as serpents close their ears, so do men close their eyes to the light of the truth"
- Galileo in a letter to Johannes Kepler ca. 1630

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease"
- Thomas Edison.

Dr. Sentry AI

Use your TAPP MicroPay wallet to run searches on, the hippocratic sentinel.
A conversational AI that gives important insight into prescription medication and other treatments to empower you in your health journey and protect your right to informed consent.


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